Make A Joyful Noise!

A Tradition of Diversity

Pilgrim is particularly well known for its diverse musical offerings.   Along with the traditional hymns that have cheered and comforted Christians for centuries, Pilgrim presents a myriad of musical genres in its services.   Although people come from many places to make music at Pilgrim, the church has also been able to draw heavily from the talent of its own congregation

If you have talent you'd like to share contact Amy Leach at 916-770-5348 or Kate Bryan at 406-570-2839.  We welcome people of all ages and abilities to share their music at Pilgrim.

We have an Adult Choir directed by Lloyd Reynolds, a Bell Choir directed by MA Bellingham, a Youth Choir directed by Megan Makeever, Groovin' Women Chorus directed by Kate Bryan.  

Special Music is offered by Ilse-Mari Lee, on organ, piano and cello; Amy Leach on organ, piano and violin; Cliff DeManty, piano; Sue and Megan Makeever, on flute; Carrie Krause on violin; and singer/songwriters: Megan Makeever and Chris Cunningham just to mention a few.