Searching for Truth

We seek authentic spiritual knowledge wherever we can find it, whether in a book study or deep in wilderness. Pilgrim Connect works closely with the Gallatin Valley Interfaith Association and MSU.


Growth Together 

"Wisdom" is something that we pursue across contexts and generations. In so doing, we grow as a faith family and in the truth that there is a place for all of us in this crazy, tragic and beautiful world.


Service in Mission

We took Ghandi seriously when he said to "be the change you wish to see". Putting our faith into action, worshiping through service to build a just world for all is at the core of what Pilgrim Connect is.


Little more than a year old, Pilgrim Connect is Pilgrim's young adult and young family and community engagement ministry.

An unconventional ministry for unprecedented times,  Pilgrim Connect is to dedicated living the Word -whatever that means to you- beyond the walls of the church  while welcoming diverse people into Pilgrim's open, affirming and inclusive faith community. We focus primarily on fellowship in mission; below, you can just a few of the organizations we work with.

Future, past and present events presented or attended by Pilgrim Connect are below: